Travel is everything to an artist. We need the space and change and time away to stir up creative things. To that end, I take other artists along for the ride whenever I can, because someone did that for me.

I’d been to Mexico what feels like a million times before, but when I teamed up with Dan Lipow to form Destination Arts Creative Workshops, things got stirred up. We landed at NaBolom, right in the heart of San Cristobal del Las Casas. Without knowing it, the colors and grit and edges of buildings creeped into my psyche and started coming out of me in the form of brightly colored monotype collages. I didn’t even drink the posh, but I started seeing things very differently after that trip.

We returned earlier this year and had maybe even more fun.  We got to make paper and print linocuts at Taller Lenateros in town, and paint from Chip’s Garden and at La Quinta, and, in general, just got to be around yellow, orange and turquoise all in the same breath.

We’re going back next year because we have to.