I walked into Robert Angeloch’s Printmaking class to take a four -week course in etching in January of 1991. I never left.

I know now that I’ve had the greatest opportunity an artist can have; I got to work beside a master for eighteen years watching his every move, listening to every comment, trying to get what he had to come out of me, so I could be like him.

When he stopped teaching, he came to class and kept the same seat at the same worktable and listened closely to me to see if I said the right thing to the new printmakers that came to study with me.

When he stopped coming to class, I started going to his house for lunch after class every Friday to tell him who was there and what they were working on in class that day.

When he stopped being alive, I kept showing up in the studio that was his, and I kept trying to imagine this place without him. I go to his house every Friday, still, and his wife Mara makes me lunch with a Coke, and we talk about things, in general, but mostly we talk about him.

April 2011